Three men sat in the living room and enjoyed a drink and talk. The sunlight tried to penetrate the glimpses in the heavy curtains and the meeting was more like a secret meeting than a meeting of three brothers.

“So, are you going to marry her, or not?”

- I dont know.

- And what does she say about this?

- She, somehow, does not speed up the process. Everything seems to be normal for now.

The two other men exchanged glances. Their brother has been dating this woman for about a year. A week ago, she invited him to move in with her. He did not mind.

There was a knock on the door.

- Enter. The door opened and the embodiment of sexuality entered the room. Girl, 22-24 years old. Slightly above average, with an appetizing figure and long hair.

- Dear, meet, this is my stepdaughter.

- Hello, gentlemen. David, my mother asked me to know when will you be ready to leave?

A shadow of confusion ran over the face of one of the men. Leave? Where to go? What did he forget again?

- My sun, tell mom, I'll be at the door in a second.

- Good. The girl smiled easily at the men and went out.

- Brother, I'll tell you right away. If you marry her, I will come to you very rarely. It is not in my power to see such a nymph and not to think about having sex with her. For those 20 seconds while she gave us the information, I already fucked her in all poses.

“I fully support him,” said the third brother, “how will you live with her in the same house?”

- I'll fuck her mother. I'm leaving you. Hike, I forgot something and we need to go somewhere. Make yourself at home.

- And, nymphochka, goes with you?

- I have no idea. I don't follow her. All gone!

The two men remained seated in complete silence. Each had his own thoughts in his head, but they were about the same thing — a sexy girl he saw a few minutes ago.

- Intuition tells me that we need to go "on business." I do not trust myself if she suddenly comes again.

The second man laughed:

- Haha, you're not alone. I have only one thought in my head. Will it be considered blood displacement? Theoretically and practically she is nobody to us? We could meet her at the bar.

- I like and do not like the way you think. Do you want to do a threesome? Just consider, if it comes to this, I will not kiss you. Phew I loved her ass. Perhaps I want to taste her pussy.

- No problem. I will fuck her very high quality in the remaining places. He rubbed a half-hard dick.

The smell of grilled meat spread through the house. The girl loved to cook. A piece of excellent steak marinated in spices and cooked to medium roast, could not leave indifferent any healthy man. This amount of bad cholesterol should have been eaten immediately. She mixed asparagus with garlic in a skillet and did not hear the voice.

- Lord, I could kill for such a smell. I do not remember that we ordered a cook.

Both men went into the kitchen and watched the most wonderful picture. Already familiar to them girl, stood near the stove and cooked. They were struck by her appearance. The hair is gathered on the head so as not to interfere with cooking, a half-cut T-shirt, which reveals a rather seductive body, but hides just as much as was necessary. The lower part of her breast was shamelessly open, as if inviting a hand to caress her. A short skirt with stockings and stilettos complemented the killerly sexy look. The girl sang along. On the table two steaks of steak were smoking. Seeing the men, she screamed in fright.

“II thought you all left.” She looked bewildered at the men who devoured her eyes.

- Well, as you can see, no. Who is the banquet for?

The young nymph reddened and muttered:

- For my boyfriend. It should come from minute to minute.

- You have a boyfriend?

- Yes, I have ... her answer interrupted the phone on the table. - Allah, yes? Yes, I'm waiting for you. Everything is ready ... How can you not come? - The girl took her hand with the phone from the ear, not bothering to listen to male explanations at the other end of the wire. - It's all over between us. Until.

She put down the phone and sighed softly.

- I have no boyfriend. If you are hungry, you can enjoy meat ... and asparagus.

- You will not make us a company?

- I do not think. I'll go take off all this "masquerade" and probably get drunk.

- Why shoot? And why get drunk? - both men began to eat meat.

The girl sat on the tabletop, making the view even more seductive.

- Find the guy is a problem now. They do not understand what is on their mind. What kind of serious relationship is there? They even fuck you normally can not ...

One of the men patted himself on the chest, choking meat.

- Sorry, what did you say? They can not normally fuck? And what does it mean for girls of your age to “fuck” normally?

—... continuing what was said. - The girl took the banana and slowly began to clean it, not even knowing how much the whole picture was sexual as a whole - I want it in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day, and on any evening. And the guys, somehow, it's different. In the morning they are still sleepy, they have no time in the afternoon, and in the evening they are tired. And if they fuck you, it's a maximum of five minutes.

- How many guys did you have? - Men looked at her with interest and looked at her.

- This year or last? The girl enjoyed the banana with pleasure, not giving the men a single chance to enjoy the juicy meat. - If in the past, then, probably two different guys a month. This year, as it became all the same to me, I switched to one guy a week.

“And what didn't this guy do for you?” I don't think you could just shoot him off because he didn't come for lunch?

- He, like everyone else, was a weakling in bed. Moreover, he did not want to try something new. I offered him to fuck me with toys, but he said fu. Well, I did not tell him about his fifteen thin centimeters and, when I had the opportunity, I broke up with him. - The girl no longer paid attention to the men, she took a bottle of beer and talked to herself.

- Weak in bed, you say? What are you waiting for in bed? - Both men were already ready to fuck her hard right on this tabletop.

- Well, my most important and most insane fantasy is sex with two men who have big, thick cocks. So that they both entered me, unstuck, until it stops. To waves of pleasure and light pain pierced me again and again. All the guys told me that it was very difficult to satisfy me. And I think I'm starting to believe them.

One of the men approached the girl, threw out the rest of the banana and whispered to her lips:

- Do you want to be a good fuck right now and today? Two great men with big and fat cocks?

A bottle of beer began to act and the girl was already a little drunk. She smiled slightly.

“Where will I get these men?” Now and today? No, I’d have to go around the bars again and look ...

Not listening to her, the first brother began to kiss her, powerfully, passionately. His hand held the back of her head, do not let him dodge his kisses. The girl moaned. Meanwhile, the second brother lifted her skirt and widely spread her pussy. Her smell drove him crazy. He plunged his tongue hard in her bosom, licking her juices. The girl responded to the kiss of the first man and pressed her head between the legs of the second. Taking a break between kisses, the first brother whispered:

“We will not stop fucking you until you hang loosely in our arms.”

The girl smiled: “You are both so big and tall. I can not wait". She moaned louder - the second brother knew how to lick pussy.

“Hey, leave me something down here.”

- And I will not think about sharing. She is here, like honey, sweet.

Continuing to kiss the first man, the nymph trembled and clung to his shoulders.

“II ... I almost ... don't stop.” You are welcome. - The girl grabbed onto ...

on the tabletop, while powerful waves of orgasm wave passed through it.

Giving a beauty an orgasm, the men exchanged. While the first brother was licking her pussy again, the second was getting ready to slightly stretch her second hole. Baby oil for massage was, by the way.

- We need to turn it so that I can start to fuck her in the ass.

- Let, first, adapt to your size, and then lift it into the air and give me more access to her pussy.

- Sounds great. Come on, put her on her feet.

While the first brother was pushing her into his tongue with the intention of bringing her to the second orgasm, the second brother gently massaged her ass. She and her brother were big guys. Under two meters tall and very large physique. It is clear, and they had big members. The girl wanted "fun" - the girl will receive "fun."

The beauty went crazy with the movements of his tongue. He was sharp and soft at the same time. Holding her buttocks tightly, he grabbed her light "lips" and, letting go, slammed into the clitoris. Her toes were wrapped. She wanted to enjoy his language, and he gave her that pleasure. Every time she was almost at the gate of the second orgasm, he started all over again. And she whimpered offended.

The finger of the second brother, abundantly moistened in oil, gently attacked her ass. Slightly pressed and stopped, again pressed and stopped. She felt she could even cum from this innocent caress.

“Be rude, just sink into me,” she tried to open both buttocks and help him gently rape herself.

- I do not want to break you, I want to enjoy you. Better slower. - He finally brought the head in the entrance and began to gently press. - Relax ...

- I can not, his tongue does not allow me to relax.

- Rick, loosen the hold. I can not enter.

- She has such awesome taste. I just can not stop. You tried, you know. - But his tongue began to gently walk at the entrance to the girl's vagina. The room was announced moan - the head of the member entered into a tight hole. The man gritted his teeth. “Oh Gods, she was the hardest she ever had to fuck. A lot of oil and more tender, ”he repeated under his breath and did not stop entering and exiting just a couple of centimeters.

- Her clit has become very big. She will soon be very finished. Come on, I suck hard, and you go deep and often. It's time to start this show.

- Yes, and do not forget about her point G.

Being in a state of faintness from the myriad sensations, the girl felt like a man lifted her by the hips and deeply planted her ass on the penis. The second man fingered a sensual point on one of its walls and concentrated on the swollen, to the utmost, clitoris. Double orgasm laid slowly and unreliable. She could only shout "Finishing Out!", And press the man's head to her throbbing heart. Both men for a couple of minutes ended up "mocking" her body.

- You need to eat. Here, the remnants of meat and vegetables. And you need calories. Is there ice cream in the freezer? Anything sweet?

- Yes, there is a cake and cream. Lord, I never thought that orgasms are so nice.

Eating slightly, the girl could think a little. Part of the beer weathered and she examined the men. It was the dream of every woman. A mountain of muscles and thick big cocks looked at her in anticipation. One of the men approached her and softly whispered in her ear. “I can’t wait for me to stretch your little hole. My fingers barely entered you. Promise not to stop right away. " She felt the excitement juices run again.

- Dude, she is ready for the second round. In the meantime, my brother dulled into a situation, I will enter into you. Let's go try a standard pose. I do not want to break you to hell.

The girl was again excited only by the thought that her fantasy would finally come true. Two huge members ... it can not be true. The man plentifully moistened her and began to slowly enter. Surprisingly, it was not as difficult as he thought. She was so wet and perfect. Going in more than half, he stopped. The girl arched her back, trying to get more. He slightly raised her hips and gently entered almost to the end. The nymph trembled. It was a good sign. Moving his hips towards the “exit”, he was stopped by her feet, which abruptly brought him back into place. "Oh, babe, you don't know what you are asking for."

- Please, I know you can, fuck me very deeply and hard. So that no one could repeat.

- I'm afraid to hurt you.

“If not you, I will ask your brother, or who he is to you.”

- E-no. We have an agreement with him, so hold on tight.

She was so wet. The deeper he crashed, the tighter her muscles were. It was a sweet torture. He only for a second imagined how tight her ass was and felt that he could not stand it. Fighting an orgasm was pointless. It was like a wave that breaks through a dam. He heard her screaming under him, and he felt strong spasms of her vagina - she ended with him.

- Are you fucking her without me? What a bad boy.

- Oh, come on. Just tried to put it in it. I will be located, - the man laughed.

- My God, my God, three orgasms in the last hour. Gentlemen, you are super.

- Haha, wait, the main entertainment is still to come.

They gently helped her up.

“I will enter you now standing, and then he will do the same when I am in you.” You wanted to feel two thick dicks?

The girl's eyes widened with surprise and anticipation.

- Yes, oh my God, yes.

The man gently took her by the neck and his lips again found her mouth. No mercy. He did not for a second tear the lock of the lips, and the girl's legs gave way. The second hand, he easily raised her by the buttock and sent the standing member into the hole. The nymph tensed slightly, and then relaxed. His mouth swallowed her moan. He tried to slowly push her up and down the trunk, but the girl tried to move faster until she felt the second term rests against her ass. It does happen. She feels like her "tearing" two huge members at the same time. The big head slipped inside and she caught her breath from the sensations. The girl felt like both trunks were massaging the fine line between the vagina and the anus. The brothers moved in unison. If someone at this moment caressed her clit, she would have finished very violently. Literally a minute, their movements became disagreeable and it seemed to them that they were pushing her closer and closer to the abyss of orgasm. She tried not to stop.

- If you resist orgasm, we will change the position and not stop until you finish two times. Relax.

But, she liked this posture so much. She is in the air, fucked by two huge members. Men accelerated the rhythm. Resisting orgasm has become increasingly difficult. Finally, one of the brothers decided to play unfair. Moistening his finger, he began to play with the clitoris, teasing and rolling it.

- No, it's not fair, - the girl felt the infinity of orgasm and nails dug into the back of a man, leaving red stripes. The brothers entered toughly and to the end, leaving her no chance. Two pushes in her pussy, were replaced by three pushes in her ass. It was impossible to sustain. She was overtaken by orgasms. The muscles on both sides are sharply reduced, giving her maximum pleasure. Where in the depths of her subconscious, she thought that men would stop as soon as she got both orgasms, but they still moved and was carried off by another one. The girl opened her arms and hung in the arms of her brother, who supported her back. That was too much. She knew that she would never experience anything like that again, but it was worth a try.

- You know, it will be necessary, someday, to repeat.

The men smiled hopefully.