Kira, young and very attractive, came to visit her grandmother. The hot summer began, and the holidays are a good excuse to rest from the city rush, in a distant village. River, fresh air, forests and fields will benefit her.

Jogging and swimming naked pleased her every morning. Nobody around, she is alone, why not. After such a procedure, I decided to sunbathe a little, also naked. The sun had already gone well into the sky and began to burn well.

Lying on my stomach, I decided to roll on my back for a long time, so that everything would take a good tan, put on a tanning cream on my skin. Closing my eyes, enjoying the sunbathing and singing of birds.

Suddenly, for a moment, a male moan was heard ... the frightened jumped up, looked around, but did not see anything suspicious. Maybe you heard? Deciding to continue her procedures still, she put it more comfortably on the grass.

Another time passed, she got up, looked at her watch. Need to slowly going home.

She walked through a thick dark forest, ran here every morning, and did not scare anything, because she knew every trail leading and beckoning deeper and deeper into darkness.

When singing the birds, she also sang something, in a good white mood, in a light white dress, she looked like a beautiful fairy. White wavy hair fell on his chest, and shimmered in the sunlight. Her big black eyes, swollen body parts were driving many crazy.

Passing to the middle of the forest, Cyrus held her breath and stopped abruptly. Here, she was not alone ...

Behind him, someone stood and breathed heavily. Kira's plump lips, closed a big nasty hand. She did not even have time to squeak.

He dragged her in an unintelligible direction. Pulling with her arms and legs, she wanted to escape, but she was held tightly.

The man was tall and broad in the shoulders, the fragile girlish body succumbed to him.

He brought her to the car. Holding Kira with one hand, he began to pull the ropes out of the trunk, and all sorts of similar accessories.

- what do you need from me? Said Kira in a low voice.

- soon find out beauty.

- let me go, please.

- well, how can I, such a steal, with such forms ...

He was obviously not thinking in himself, a girl, what would he do? Fear and panic began to make themselves known. The body of the girl began to shake with fear.

- Do not be afraid. said that.

- it will not hurt, even nice, you'll see!

He laughed. He tied her mouth and eyes with a ribbon, and threw his hands behind his back, tied up with ropes.

Kira was trembling. She simply could not believe that this was happening to her. Tears began to flow from the eyes.

- well, what is a little fairy? I did not hurt you. Here listen. I've been watching you for a long time, you're just amazing. I love girls like you, but there are few where you find them, in such a village. And I would plant in someone. You will be obedient? I'll let you go. And if not, then it will be bad.

He began to unzip his pants and take off his belt. He came up from the bottom and lifted the dress.

- ohh, so we still go without panties?

He was breathing hard, and it was obvious that he was very excited.

He began to touch his already swollen member to Kira's ass.

She was scared, but for herself she discovered the secret, she was excited, and her pussy was wet and ready for penetration, a big and fat boyfriend. She moaned and pretended to resist. She herself knew what was waiting for him to stick her ...

He touched her breast, licked her nipples, went down to the waist to the little pen, and, noting that she was ready, inserted her trunk without ceremony. The girl groaned, he shuddered. Tight hole was glad to meet you. And he began to drive him inside. Kira moaned. She had a feeling of something huge inside, she had never experienced anything like that before. Faster, he inserted at the very eggs, reaching the uterus with his huge dick, then accelerating, then stopping, pushing it quickly and roughly, the pussy began to squish.

- what do you like, whore?

He stopped and pulled out a member. He unfolded it to his face, put him on his knees and asked.

- Do you want to take it in your mouth?

Kira waved her head without thinking. He removed the tape from his mouth and put a member to it. Plump lips, began to smack, deeper to the very eggs. The man moaned and ordered.

- suck a slut, take it deeper into your mouth mouth.

Kira such words more and more wound up.

Then he pulled a member, and putting cancer beauty to the tree, began again to stick her in pussy. The whole forest shattered their moans. He sped up and fucked her as fast as he could. After a moment, he pulled out a member, put it on the girl's mouth, finished on her tongue.

Breathing heavily, praised her, and untied his hands.

- you were superb. And you did not see me here.

She was silent. I sat on the grass and came to myself.

The man gathered his things, got into the car and drove off, leaving Kira alone.

After sitting for a long time, I could not understand why she liked it so much? This was against her will. Still excited, she wiped the cum off, took the tape off her eyes, and walked home.

After this incident, she still did such walks alone. I waited to meet him again and enjoy. But this did not happen again.

Arriving in the city, Kira told everything to her husband, and he sometimes grabbed her in a dark alley, blindfolded her and fucked her. He told her all sorts of vulgarities, tore up her dress and tore at her tights. They both dragged themselves before and did not know that you could get such pleasure.

She was glad to meet a rapist in the woods.