Hello dear readers Sexytales! =) You can call me Vlad!
An interesting story from the already distant 2002! Great were the times! Six months before this event, I said goodbye to the “boyishness” and proudly considered myself a man. But this may be another time. And what I tell happened in the fall. My city K. at this time is quite chilly and gray. The administration of that time (I really do not know who they were) was mainly engaged in their own enrichment, rather than leisure of their citizens. Especially teens, whom I was in essence. Therefore, from the entertainment we had the choice is not rich. I didn’t like drugs (I tried some weed a couple of times - I didn’t like it), so there was alcohol. However, I myself was very drunk two or three times. I was also not very pleased with the state of the blue smoke. So, to fuel it in order to get to the “tipsy” condition - that was for me.
After the 9th grade, many comrades left the walls of our school. There are 18 of us left in my class. In two parallels - something about 20-25 in each. Due to the fact that our social circles had thinned out a lot, we began to communicate more with B-shki and V-shki, which was not the case before. It turned out that almost all after the summer holidays of the 9th grade became sharply interested in “adult” things: alcohol, crap, porn. I proudly hinted to my friends that in the summer I managed to become a peasant, but I didn’t tell the details, because the girl that I “broke up” studied in our own school for a class older and threatened me with my finger for excessive talk. So my friends, I think, did not really believe me then. So, our classes began to communicate more with each other, new acquaintances appeared, in the evenings we drank beer if we had money (do teenagers need much). In this form, we studied the whole of September 10th grade. And then came October.

Vovka - the guy from the "B" class invited home to the party on Friday. The reason was absolutely prosaic: extra money. As I understood, he needed to buy something for the computer and he shook 2 thousand more money from his parents. As a result, I bought some cheaper crap and saved another 2,000. And his parents left for the weekend in a village in the area where his relatives lived (grandparents most likely). Therefore, satisfied Vova decided to make a little booze at home. Parents' money was organized into a booze (if there are modern children on this site, I’ll inform you that it was quite easy to buy vodka / beer / cigarettes at the beginning of the 00s, the main places to be lured. In general, if children read it - get out of here! ; - D). The Vova family lived in a nine-story building, quite far from the school (I was still surprised that he had not yet transferred to another). Apartment on the last floor, very large, three-bedroom. In the large living room there was a nice sofa-corner, which I terribly liked (Vova said that parents are sleeping here), in another room his bedroom, and in the third - the elder sister's bedroom.
- Where is the sister? - we were a little alarmed by the fact that the sister was the eldest and could spoil the fun for us.
- In the university, probably more.
- How old is she?
- Eighteen.
- Wow! - our anxiety intensified, in our company respect for elders and especially adults was somehow cultivated, - And where will she be today?
- I will have, I agreed! - Vovka proudly puffed out his chest and looked around the girls with a host (in general, we didn’t become good friends, so I’ll say right away that nothing broke off at that time).

The evening went just great! There were nine of us, including three girls. No one would stick to them, as they were ... not that the little girls, but we were too friendly with them, that is, we really were friends. Yes, and my peers much more important was alcohol. On Vidic spin VHS cassette with music videos. Vodka gave great on the head. Snacks served sausages and boiled dumplings (for the most in those years we were not capable). A couple of hours from the beginning of the feast Vovkina's elder sister came. Looking around the schoolchildren, she cast a short glance:
- Hello! Vov, come to my room.
Vovka waved away:
- Yes, I'm coming now.
The sister is gone. We continued to drink. I switched to canned beer, although I pretended more often that I was drinking because I had already reached my condition. The rest of the guys are leaning heavier on alcohol. I needed to move away from need and I went out of the living room to the toilet. Having done my business, I washed my face with cool water and carefully dried myself with a towel. Then he critically examined himself in the mirror: “Normal. Perhaps enough to thump. I can finish the bank and I can go home. “Coming out of the toilet, I ran into Vovina's sister:
- Oh hi!
- Hello. Tell Vovka to come in, otherwise he forgot something.
- Yeah. What is your name?
- Liza.
- I'm Vlad.
- Hi Vlad, - Lisa threw up her hand in greeting.
Returning to the living room I told Vovka that my sister was still waiting for him. He tried to rise from the couch, but he was already hard. I picked up a friend and led him towards the room of the sister. I knocked on the door and, hearing “come in, why bother?”, Opened the door. Seeing her brother on the shoulder of a new acquaintance, Lisa grinned:
- Yeah ... clear ...
- What did you want? - Vova honestly tried to gather strength, but not very successful.
- Anton did not call home?
- N-no ... Is this something t-howl?
- Yeah, my former already.
- N-no. And what ... Ras-s-steel?
- Yeah. Well, go, I just wanted to ask.
I brought Vovka out of Lizina’s bedroom and dragged him to the living room. And then the alcohol began to stir my vibes. While Lisa was trying to communicate with her brother, I looked at her legs. The heating season has already begun and Lisa was at home in fringe denim shorts. From the instant teenage erection in her bedroom, I was saved by the body of her brother on my shoulder and the fumes he exhaled while trying to play a speech. On the way from the bedroom to the living room, Vovka started complaining to me:
- Sanya, Anton, Timur ... x * nd I memorize them ... - I didn’t catch the thought very much, and now I was thinking not about the Liziny guys, but about her myself.
- Cho, how long has she been dating with guys?
- X * D knows ... she is all twenty ... X * if she doesn’t meet.
Vova I put in place on the couch. I sat down myself and began looking at our girls. Let them be first of all “friends”, but I knew that some of them had already lost their virginity and, under the influence of alcohol, I wanted to befriend each other very closely. But they were busy with some kind of silly argument with the guys. I got up from the table, took two cans of beer and went to Liza’s room.
- Sorry, can I see you? - Lisa looked up and nodded.
Her room was not large, the bed adjoined the table, so the girl sat cross-legged under herself and wrote something from a textbook in a notebook. I sat next to:
- We are not much noise? You do not interfere?
- No, Vova said that only adequate guys would call, - that surprised me a little, because we actually didn’t know him very well.
- Yes?
- Yes. And what is there - Lisa nodded at the door - Is there anyone who is not very adequate?
- Yes, no, it’s just that Vovan and I didn’t communicate closely. Will you have a beer? I took you a jar, - Liza looked at the outstretched Bavaria and was a little surprised, as usually the young of our age sipped quite cheap glass. But the beer took. We opened the banks and took a sip.
- Why didn't you communicate with Vovka? He, like normal with odnoklassnikkami communicates?
- I'm from the "A" class.
- Aah! - Lisa nodded intelligently, - He said that they wanted to unite you with them this year.
- Well, yes, but then they decided to leave it to the end.
Our conversation was easy; Liza was not at all some kind of bitchy tyrant who dominated her older brother. We talked about everything, I asked why she did not study at our school. It turned out that from the first to the eleventh classes she went to school near the house, and then they planned to move the family to the area of ​​our school, and Vovka in the sixth grade was transferred there. But then with the move did not work .

and the brother was simply left to complete his education in order not to be separated from his friends.
I listened to her with interest. Lisa offered a drink for an acquaintance. I said a nice funny toast that I heard at summer camp and the girl laughed gaily, revealing a row of white teeth. We clinked glasses and drank beer. Chatted on. I leaned back on my elbow and looked at Lisa from below. She had already abandoned her notebook with a textbook and completely turned around to me. I slightly bent my knee and touched her thigh. Maybe she noticed that, but she didn’t give a mean, continuing to tell something. I listened to her, but I felt the beat of my heart more clearly. The moment was really exciting. The face of the Face was with small cheeks and, when she smiled, they formed awesome dimples. She intercepted her hair with rubber bands in two tails. The girl was thin, but not bony. “The chest is slightly larger than the first size,” I estimated, although I didn’t really understand the size. But most of all, I was attracted by her lips. They were not very plump, but ideally combined together. Diko wanted to kiss them. From these thoughts, I started to get a member. I was dressed in the fashion of sports leotards in that time, and in the groin area a hillock was clearly formed. I noticed that Lisa squinted a little and blushed a little. But she did not try to move her leg away from mine and even smiled a little after another sip of beer.
“You are very hot,” I sat down and rolled my pants up to my knees.
- Yeah, Vovka could have given you shorts, but we have already removed the summer clothes to the pantry, he will not find them now.
I rested back on my elbow and again, I bent my leg a little, touching Lizina with bare skin. Now Lisa smiled openly, but did not move away.
We continued to chat. I asked who she was studying, told about his plans for life. I was no longer shy about a mound on my pants, but on the contrary, sometimes I straightened my posture so that she could see me. From Liza, I received a compliment for a good figure, told about the passion for hand-to-hand fighting. For this, he received more enthusiastic compliments.
- Listen, do you have a lot of beer there yet? - I did not notice how she finished her can. I still had, probably with half.
- Yes, I'll bring it.
“Aha, don't knock anything over there,” having said this, Lisa grinned and turned to the table to remove the notebook and the textbook.
I walked out of her room and then realized that her last phrase related to my erection. It made me feel nice goosebumps. I went to the toilet and poured the rest of my beer into the sink, and threw empty cans into the urn. Cold water helped me to bounce back. Going into the living room, I saw that our girls were gone, and Vovan and two other guys were continuing to plump.
- ABOUT! Vladuha !! And we thought you girls went to see off!
- Not at all. This, and where is my "Bavaria"?
- In the kitchen, in a package or refrigerator.
I took a couple more cans and went on a visit to Lisa. The girl thanked for the beer and sat away to the headboard. I took it as a sign to climb deeper on the bed and Lisa gave me a pillow under my side. Her eyes slipped on my leotard and I immediately felt like a member of the blood flow.
- Are the guys there like they are not going to leave?
- Yes, there Vova and Andrei and Vitka remained. Vitka from my class, and you probably know Andrei
- Is it red?
- Yes, Vova best friend.
- Yes I know. Is he still sober? - Liza got a little worried, - His mother is our teacher, I prefer that nothing happen to him while he is visiting us.
We left the bedroom and went to assess the condition of the guys, which really upset me. I did not know that the stars that night were on my side.

Vitek was already seriously drunk and did not hear anything around. He just sat with his eyes open, sometimes nodding to the beat of Vovan and Andryukha’s conversation, and when they put a glass in front of him, he would drink. Lisa greeted her again and took the empty plates. I decided to help her. Vova and Andryukha called me to continue to plunk, but I already knew that the best way is: “Yes, right now, I'll come, bro!”. Of course, they did not wait for me. In the kitchen, Lisa put the plates in the sink, I handed her the dishes from my hands, touching her fingers. She put her there too.
- Will you wash? - I put my hand on the girl's waist, but she removed her with a smile:
- Well, a little more.
- Yes, no, I was told that big, - Lisa laughed.
- Yeah, tell me. Wash tomorrow Vova will.
We went down the hall, as I hoped, to visit her, but Lisa turned into a large hall.
- Andrey, did you tell your parents that you will stay with us? - he was distracted from the “life talk” and muttered that there were no rods today or tomorrow. Then He, having forgotten about the dialogue with Vova and Otstutstvuyuschey Vitka, said that he wanted to call everyone to himself, but Vova had more hut. I poured vodka into glasses and asked the Lizas "Will you?". The girl nodded slowly. We drank five of us. Vova began to nod. Andrei continued to say something in a faltering language, apparently retelling the content of their conversation to me and Lisa. I was at that moment angry that this type would stay here for the night. We drank more. And the guys I poured vodka under the edge, and myself at the bottom. Lisa got half a serving - I understood that she was practically sober and did not try to give her a drink.

The evening was no longer a kind of companionable, and yes, I was fine and Lisa. Andrei and Vovan were hardly able to move their tongues, and Vitek snored, leaning back on the sofa. After the next glass, I took the initiative and started talking myself. Lisa smiled, listening to me and it gave me a very warm feeling. At some point, I even decided that I could seriously drink her, but then we ran out of vodka. We sat for a while in the living room, since I did not want to leave her and kept talking about all kinds of nonsense. I was interrupted by the snoring of three sips. Lisa laughed:
- So, Vlad! Help me move the table and it is necessary to expand the sofa.
I threw the boys back and Liza and I dragged the table to the window. She took the rest of the dishes and carried them to the kitchen. I laid out until the sofa and straightened the guys on it.
- Cover them with blanket. Though warm, but still, let it be, - Lisa handed me a woolen blanket.
- It does not fit them.
- Vovka to him in the room come on.
I approached Vovan. Lisa offered to catch him under one shoulder to me, and under the other to her, but I refused. Instead, I just grabbed her brother in my arms like a baby and asked where to carry it.
- Ay, athlete! Girls, probably sypyatsya!
“Well, I just have time to step over,” Lisa laughed again.
A pleasant surprise awaited me in Vovan's room - he had a single bed! “And in the living room I will not fit under the blanket with the boys!” - I had the most pleasant fantasies in my head, while Lisa put her brother under the covers. "Right! Let him sleep here, not you! And then he will decide to lay me in his bedroom with Vovka, and then lie down himself. “But apparently Lisa was definitely not going to leave her drunken brother in her room.
- Everything. Let him sleep.
We left the room and I said I need to go to the toilet. Lisa nodded and left to turn off the lights in the rooms and the corridor. I have washed my face with cold water for now. I found a tube of toothpaste behind the mirror and, squeezing out a little, rinsed my mouth. Coming out of the closet, I noticed that the door to Lysina’s bedroom was ajar and a dim light was on. I entered:
- Are you awake? - Lisa was sitting on the bed, as before cross-legged. From the lighting, only the bedside lamp was burning.
- Not. We left the beer with you here, - on her table, there really were two cans of “Bavaria” - her nepochataya and my only open one.
- Yeah, let's drink some more? - My heart was pounding.
- Yes, sit down, - Lisa patted next to her. We took the banks and took a sip. I winced:
- A pancake, exhaled a little.
“Nothing, let me warm up,” I took her can, touching her hand again and took a small sip.
- Did you break up with the guy? - the girl slightly lowered her eyes.
- Yeah, he is a jerk. Only time spent on him.
- And what's wrong ..

It was?
- Yes, I just ran around the women.
- Wow! Here is a goat.
- Yes, sometimes. Guilty herself, - Lisa sipped beer, sometimes handing me a can. In these moments, my fingers covered her and I felt in seventh heaven. She told me how she found out about her ex-boyfriend’s cheating. I understood little in relationships, but I tried somehow to support her. When the beer from her can ran out, she asked:
- And is it completely sour? - Head nodded at my open jar.
- No, you can drink, it's just non-carbonated now.
- Give me - I sat up and took the remaining jar. Passing a beer to Liza, I sat right next to her and leaned with one hand behind her back.
Now we are practically hugging. She took a big sip and put the jar on my knee, holding it with both hands. “Oh, we drank vodka before that! And before that, more beer! And she probably did not eat anything. Here it unleashes. “There was a mound on my pants again.
- I thought that we would have something. My friend from the first year, I met with one guy, and that is how she meets. Although I generally think that he is also cheating on her, she just decided not to pay attention to this, - Lisa again began to talk about relationships. I only had to say yes sometimes. At one point, her left hand slid down from the can and the palm was on my hip. My body struck like a shock, it became just monstrously hot: “A third-year student is holding me by the leg!” - I was elated. Lisa said something and clung to me. I hugged her around the waist and felt like a girl's hand slid up my leg. She turned her face towards me and I finally kissed her. Lisa's lips were surprisingly soft. I felt a very light aroma of alcohol and enjoyed a kiss with an adult adult girl. Her hand stroked me through the pants. Here she slipped a little higher and now under a thin cloth tights Lisa felt my bloodshot dick. Her face a little away from mine:
- Vlad, how old are you now?
“I don’t tell you,” for some reason I was afraid to tell her my age, although I understood that it was stupid. Lisa smiled:
- Well, are you older than my brother?
- Yeah, a little bit, - the difference with us, it seems, was only a couple of months, but I decided that by “older” it would fit.
“Well, well,” and Lisa pressed her lips to me again.
This time she used her tongue and I even groaned with pleasure. Lisa immediately squeezed my penis through his pants and slightly raised her hand from the bottom up. I took the jar, which she still held and moved it to the table. Lisa turned to me with her whole body and clasped her hands over her head, leaning back on the pillows, I lay down on her and kissed her. What I was experiencing at that moment is hard to put into words. When you are fifteen, and under you lies a pretty devishka a few years older and your languages ​​study each other - this is akin to conquering Elbrus. You rejoice, heart pounding so that it is ready to jump out of the chest. At the same time, you are afraid that you will spoil something now and she will step back.

I pressed closer to her, feeling her small bosom through my T-shirt and her thin shirt. Liza put her hand down and started massaging my blood-filled penis through my pants again.
- Have you ... already been ... with a girl? - we looked each other straight in the eye.
- Yes, it was.
- You are not dating her?
- No, I'm alone now.
- Well done, - Lisa again grabbed the gum of my tights and pulled them down without taking her mouth from mine. I helped began to raise her shirt higher, exposing the tummy. Once without a tights, I sat on my knees, and Lisa raised herself, throwing her shirt over her head. In the light of the night light, I noticed that she was very flushed, her breasts were in the bodice, but the girl quickly took it off. Lisa kissed me again and immediately pulled away to take off my T-shirt. I at this time unzipped her shorts. Grabing along with them and the panties of this girl, my hands completely exposed the body of Lisa. We kissed again. She pulled her panties down and I shifted a little from my knee to knee, helping her. Gentle hands lysina slipped on my already bare trunk. With one palm, she gently stroked my balls. I broke away from the lips of my mistress and started kissing her neck with kisses. I was rewarded with languid sighs. She almost lay back and flicked a switch. Now I hardly saw her body, only a silhouette, but it excited me even more. I passed my lips to Lysina of the clavicle and smoothly descended a hollow between the small hillocks of her breast. My hands squeezed the nipples of this amazing girl. Lisa took my left hand and pulled it to her face. Not looking up from her boobs, I felt like my thumb slipped into a wet and incredibly hot mouth, which I recently kissed. Lisa sucked on my finger, and I enjoyed her small breasts, feeling them up and down. I heard hot breaths coming out of her mouth. I wanted to go lower, but Lisa gently grabbed my head and pulled me close. We kissed and I thought that I would already enter her, but she turned slightly, knocking me back and sank down. The girl with whom I fucked a couple of times in the summer did not give me a blowjob and what I experienced was just a miracle. The adult girl's mouth full of heat wrapped my head and I jerked with pleasure. Lisa hesitated, letting me come round and sank down the trunk. Her lips, which I fell in love with this evening, so gently squeezed my dick that I was scared for a moment that I would discharge too quickly.
“And you really are already big,” a smile flashed in her dark room, she looked up for a moment and continued to suck again.
“I told you the honor,” my voice was hoarse with excitement.
Lisa ran claws through my stomach leaving thin strips, as if marking her lover. Her tongue caressed the bridle under the head, and with one hand she was massaging my balls.
“Lisa, I can’t take it so long,” she smiled and stood up to me, rewarding her with a passionate kiss.
I turned her on his back and slightly raised. Since then there have been many different women in my life, but that evening was imprinted in my memory forever. I no longer simply remember that I was so excited by the moment when I sat in front of a naked girl, and she spreads her slender legs in front of me. I lay down on Lisa and the head of my dick touched her tender vagina. I already felt that it would be hot there, even before plunging into a mistress. I had to break away from a kiss in order to fully capture this feeling in my nerves as I enter the bosom of Lisa. A small sigh escaped from her chest, and I groaned with satisfaction. The tight little ring of the female vagina hugged my dick so that I could feel its expansion with every thrust. She wrapped her legs around me, crossing them behind my back. I felt how our bodies touch and the nipples of my mistress scratched my breast so gently. I moved slowly in it, but I could not hesitate too much. I was very well. Lips sometimes allowed our tongues to crawl, but not for long, because Lisa began to moan from my frictions. We moved in tact with each other, bewitched by the sensations of incredibly sensual sex. I did not try to go to a high pace, instead I slowly pulled my penis more than half of her vagina, and then deeply went into her to the very end, each time causing her uterine moan. I fucked her. Not rude, not tough. I fucked her so that with every friction I could feel the heat of her vagina with all the cells of his penis and penetrate her body as deeply as possible into Lysino. I sat up and threw one leg on his shoulder and continued to move, now looking at my penis enters her amazing womb. Lisa put her hands on her head and clutched them to the head of the bed. Now her breasts come together and I, with my free hand, caressed them with pleasure. After a while, she stretched out her palms to me and I lay down on top of her again, kissing passionately. The member continued to walk in it from a new angle.
- Go on, Vlad ... - hot breath burned my ear and I continued.
Lisa was moaning already louder, and I increased my tempo a little. I no longer took my dick out of her so hard. Instead, I continued to enter it with powerful and more frequent shocks, stretching the vagina ring. She again broke away from my lips and whispered something that could not help but touch a man's heart:
- I am now ... I will finish it ... - I accelerated the pace and the sound of our adjoining loins filled the room. Lisa dug her nails into my back and back of the head, she pressed herself against me and her breathing lost, the body trembled, the member felt how her vagina began to powerfully contract and he barely restrained himself so as not to cum into her. She buried her face in my neck and I heard her hoarse breath. The mouth found her lips and Lisa answered the kiss.
- Lisa, I am also now ...
- Now I will accept everything, dear, - Lisa rested on my shoulders, make me sit back and sank down. My cock was again in the captivity of her lips, but now she did not gently suck on him, but moved quickly down and up, tightly clasping her head. She podrachivala hand penis. I groaned and felt the eggs tense upward. I wanted to hold up this feeling, like a flimsy sister of my alumni pulls my cock with my lips, but for a long time it could not last. That first wave went and with it hot sperm pierced the trunk of my penis and at the end it erupted into my beloved's mouth. It was the “beloved one” - at that moment I was thinking about her the only way. The seed whipped out of me incredibly long, as it seemed to me. Lisa continued to suck cock, pulling in the remnants of my liquid. Here, the first wave began to depart and I felt the whole shivering feeling of caress on the head of my penis. My hands lay on the head of Lisa. I did not try to pull it, just caught the buzz on how it moves in my groin, giving me pleasure. The orgasm is gone, but Liza did not let my cock out of my mouth. She continued to caress his tongue without removing it. There was some kind of background noise in my head, as if I had a concussion, but I continued to realize everything. I lifted the girl and kissed her lips.
- I have never ... so ... - the words did not occur to me, and those that arose seemed hackneyed and ugly to Lisa.
But she understood everything and gently kissed her chin:
- Me too.
She went to bed, pushing the blanket aside and I settled down next to her. I hugged my mistress and Lisa laid her head on my shoulder.
- Sleep, my dear.
- Goodnight honey.

Wow ... And writing is not a simple matter! All, of course, can’t be conveyed, and I don’t have any writing experience, but I hope that I managed to convey the atmosphere of that sex to you. Hot nights, dear readers!